Our Leadership Programs:

  Leading by the personal assessment talk

  TeamWork, Teambuilding

  international, intercultural management


Competence Management and Potential Analysis of existing and new employees.

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Leading by the personal assessment talk

The key instrument for the manager

build, refresh and train your skills for assessment talks.


preparation and prerequisites for a constructive talk

coaching-skills for managers

leading the talk to a mutual and positive agreement

exchange, adjustment and agreement of objectives

sensing and enhancing of strengths

the postive challenge

avoiding conflicts

feedback rules  and how to give and how to receive feedback

"Win-Win"-agreements, how to work out

  Your benefits:Real motivation, achieving objectives and full identification with the company

target group:

managers and persons with managing responsibilities


2 days with a lot practicing and feedback.

groupsize:6 - 8 participants

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Teamdevelopment Workshops

for description CLICK here

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International, intercultural management

With our partner companyICUnet.AG we perform the following programms:

  intercultural trainee-programms
    preparation workshops for your work in a foreign culture

projects in foreign countries, supported by e-learning-Tools

taking advantage of the expatriates experiences for the company

introduction to project-management in international teams

  intercultural projectteams
    customized programms inclusive e-learning

project-management in international teams

  intercultural communication
    international teams optimize the understanding and teamwork

  intercultural expatriate-coordination
    online and local coordination plus support of your international team members

    sensing of weak points in the international Teamwork
and thus focussed optimization, e.g. with trainings and consultation

  International Consulting
    consultation for international change-management

consultation for your international projects

    market research in foreign markets

 Your benefits:   Building intercultural competence and
success for your international business !
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Selfmanagement Coaching:

The key to your success !

Individual Coaching for the manager !

The coach listens, watches your working style, consults and inspires

to find the individual keys to your success.

and helps to resolve stuck situations.

This coaching is being offered together with our trainings

or stand alone separately


Please talk to us for more information. !

Tel.: +49 (0)8165 - 65695 

     e-mail:  coaching@solutions-more.com