Our Trainers:

Janto Oellrich

Dipl.-Ing. Janto Oellrich

Founder of Solutions & more

Janto Oellrich was many years in sales and salesmanagement in several international companies
in the high tech fields semiconductor(micro-chips) and CAD-software.
he got grades and certificates in training, coaching, outdoor training,
he is a certified NLP trainer associate,
active as trainer, coach and consultant for several companies.
training languages: German and English

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focus areas:

sales-training  &  sales-coaching,
professional negotiation methods and skills
management skill coaching
event facilitation


Dipl.-Kult.(Univ.) Tobias Voß

Founder of Metalog.de and Metalog-Trainingtools
Education in systemic consultation and intercultural communication
Diploma in a unique combination
of Italian plus French economy & culture at the University of Passau
Certified NLP-Trainer
Active since many years as trainer and coach for several international companies.
training languages: German, Italian, French and English

Focus areas:

team-coaching, systemic processes,
intercultural communication,


Dr. Elisabeth Salch
Dr. Elisabeth Salch

founder of desea - change by communication -
Managing Doctor in a Munich Clinic, responsible for surgery,anesthesia plus organisation and education
additionally active as trainer, coach and consultant.
Certified NLP trainer associate

focus areas:

Team-Workshops, communication trainings, individual coaching
Personnel- and organisation-development


Nick Marson

Nick Marson conducts training and workshops for Top-Management
in UK, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Hong Kong and the USA

Nick carries serveral valuable certificates in coaching and training

He leads a scientific research programme in the area Leadership in Innovation
His company Parallel Mind Ltd resides in London, UK www.parallel-mind.com

focus areas:

Leading Innovation,Innovation-Analysis and Innovation-Coaching

international management and intercultural communication